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Champlin Family Photographer

When you already have three gorgeous, silly, wonderful babies and then God gives you a surprise and sneaks a fourth perfect little one in the mix – you embrace it! These parents know the drill and, not only did a fussy baby not even faze them at their golden hour newborn session, but they took time to stop and appreciate each other as well. A strong marriage is the foundation of any family and I love when I can feel the love parents have for both their children and each other just leaping right out at me. Whether it’s dad fixing his daughter’s bow when he thinks I’m not looking, or brothers making each other laugh, or a mom who reaches for her husband’s hand without even realizing she’s doing it.

Those are the little moments I cherish at family sessions; that I know my clients will cherish.

Photography is not the end goal of a session. Photography is the tool that allows us to capture the unfailing love that is already flowing through your family. A photograph captures, for all time, the connection that is already there and allows you to look back and remember it for decades and decades.

I have found the one whom my soul loves. – Song of Solomon 3:4

Contact me today to inquire about capturing your own family at a golden hour, field location in Champlin, Minnesota. 
Champlin Family Photographer


Green and Gold Mini Sessions


Fall Mini Sessions 2017What: Fall Mini Sessions 2017! All sessions include both classic portraits as well as candid moments.

When & Where: Three locations and dates to choose from! Choose earlier date for beautiful, green images or later date for golden, fall colored images.

1- Orono on Lake Minnetonka – Saturday, September 30th

2- Uptown Minneapolis – Saturday, October 21st 

3- Tree Farm in Anoka – Saturday, November 4th

Cost: $225 dollars for a 20 minute session, includes unlimited images in color and black & white via digital download with print release and a custom smartphone app of all images.

Fine Print: Sessions are available for immediate families only; pets welcome. Includes ability to add prints, canvases, holiday cards, and albums after you’ve seen your gallery.

Available times for September 30th – botanical garden:

5:20pm – BOOKED

5:40pm – BOOKED

6:00pm – BOOKED

6:20pm – BOOKED

6:40pm – BOOKED

Available times for October 21st – historic brick building with ivy wall:

3:20pm – BOOKED


4:00pm – BOOKED


4:40pm – BOOKED

5:00pm – BOOKED

5:20pm – BOOKED

5:40pm – BOOKED

Available times for November 4th – tree farm:

4:00pm – BOOKED

4:20pm – BOOKED

4:40pm – BOOKED

5:00pm – BOOKED

5:20pm – BOOKED

Contact me to grab your spot today!


Megan stifter - Hello! Do you still have November 4th at 5:40 open?


Minneapolis Golden Hour Family Photography

Real talk time? I think I’ve found my dream field location and don’t see a need to ever venture from it again! Okay, maybe not *never* again… but truly, this little gem of a spot is absolutely perfect for golden hour family sessions. Lush and green in the summer and golden in the fall, what more could you ask for? It’s located just outside of Minneapolis, in the northwest suburbs, and I think everyone should come visit me there! #shamelessplug

This family has been coming to me since their oldest was just a toddler herself and now she’s a certified big kid and their little man is almost not a toddler anymore. The years just keep on passing by but I this momma takes the time to enjoy her babies.

“Be grateful, slow down, enjoy life.” No better advice for us moms of littles who are rapidly turning into bigs. You’ll never regret time spent laughing with your children. Never. And the best part is, you can have someone there to capture the laughs – to freeze the moment forever – so that in 50 years when you look back and remember the laughs, you’ll be able to see and hold the laughs in your hands through photographs.

They will never be this little again.
Champlin Family Photographer


Maple Grove Sunset Maternity Session

This lovely momma and her handsome boys are adding a new little one to the mix, which meant it was a perfect time for some updated family photos. Gorgeous field location? Check. Perfect sunset? Check. Family overflowing with love and laughter? Check. I’m not sure there’s anything else a photographer could ask for!

I had the good fortune of capturing this family last summer at another amazing Champlin, MN location and seeing the boys grow from year to year is one of the best parts of being a photographer. Remembering which one is the silly one and which one is the shy one, or remembering who likes to be held by mom and who gravitates towards dad. All just small little bits and pieces you learn about clients over the years that makes seeing them time and time again all the more enjoyable.

Looking to build a relationship with a photographer that can carry you family through the years? Email me today to inquire about current openings. I look forward to telling the story of you.

Maple Grove Family Photographer


Minneapolis Forest Maternity Session

This momma-to-be; there are no words. Not just amazingly beautiful on the outside but so sweet and kind on the inside. She reached out at the very end of her pregnancy and said that while she hadn’t planned on having maternity photos done, she loved his period in her life so much and wanted to capture it before it flew by. I’m so happy I was able to fit her in on a weeknight before her little one arrived at one of the most stunning forest settings in the Minneapolis metro area.

Maternity photography might seem like an extravagance – there’s a nursery to outfit and newborn photos to save up for … but I promise, you will never regret capturing this time. The last few weeks before you take the leap into the amazing, scary, wonderful abyss that is motherhood are some of the most magical we mothers ever experience.

Capture it all.  
Maple Grove Maternity Photographer